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Event Insurance

from Associated Insurance Management

Event Insurance

Event organizers deal with a lot of stress – from weddings, to tradeshows, to fairs, concerts and sports events, you just want everything to go right.

But you still need protection in the case something happens beyond your control. What if the event gets rained out? Your venue cancels due to unforeseen circumstances? Or an accident happens during the event? That’s why you need Special Event coverage offered by Associated Insurance Management!

We can offer you Special Event Liability that protects you for bodily injury or property damage arising from an event.

We also offer:

  • Weather Cancellation Insurance that protects you from negative consequences as the result of a weather event.
  • Prize Indemnity Insurance allows you to offer a prize without the associated liability.
  • Event Cancellation Insurance protects your revenue or expenses when an event gets cancelled outside of your control.

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