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Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Insurance for Pennsylvania Companies

Although modern technology provides many benefits to companies, it can also open your business to significant risks. Whether you operate a small business that uses technology only for customer purchases or you run a large IT company, you need some form of cyber protection. Let the insurance professionals at Associated Insurance Management provide a thorough cyber risk assessment for you. We’ll explain the risks and benefits of your company’s cyber enterprises, and we’ll help you identify ways to insure your company against cyber threats.

Understanding Cyber Risk

Most business owners have heard the term “cyber risk,” but do you understand it? Cyber risk is any risk that a business, organization or consumer faces due to the failure of information technology systems. This might include losses related to power outages, data loss, equipment damage or breaches in security. Retailers and any other business that processes credit card payment face cyber risk due to electronic transactions. Cyber risk is also a reality for companies who have digital files and critical data stored online.

Although cyber risk is a new and evolving area of risk, it isn’t a reason to avoid upgrading to more modern systems. Every type of data storage and every manner of conducting business comes with risks. Today, instead of seeking insurance and security for warehouses full of paper files and sensitive client information, companies require insurance for electronic data that requires less storage space but the same level of security. This is how cyber insurance from Associated Insurance Management can be useful.

Protection Against Cyber Risk

Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect your business and your customers against cyber risk. Associated Insurance Management offers a variety of cyber risk insurance packages through our network of top-rated insurance carries. Options include

  • Basic cyber protection for small businesses that need online hacking protection as well as insurance against loss or theft of paper records
  • Extensive cyber protection for public entities and large businesses that need network and information security coverage as well as communications and media liability coverage
  • Broad, customized cyber protection for IT firms of any size that require in-house data protection and electronics coverage as well as liability coverage for working with sensitive client files and information

Get started today with your free quote. To learn more about cyber risk coverage or to schedule your risk assessment, contact us right away.