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Bar Insurance

from Associated Insurance Management

Bar Insurance

As a member of Keystone Insurers Group, we offer a unique environmental/pollution insurance program for many types of businesses.

A pollutant could be any hazardous material that infiltrates the air, water, or soil.

Many General Liability policies do not cover bodily injury or defense costs should your business be named in a pollution claim, even in the cause was accidental. And your business doesn’t have to be environmental-related or deal with hazardous chemicals to be named in a claim stemming from a pollutant.

Think about:

  • Properties bought on a brownfield (re-use site) where prior contamination was found
  • Broken or equipment that leaches a pollutant into the ground or into the air
  • Leaky underground or above ground tanks
  • Mold that is discovered

In fact, these businesses could all benefit from a pollution policy:

  • Schools/Universities
  • Manufacturers
  • Apartment complexes/condo owners
  • Any real estate owner that leases commercial space
  • Contractors (ask us about Contractors Complement!)
  • Consultants
  • Garages/Body Shops
  • Banks
  • Retailers including Dry Cleaners, Paint/Hardware stores

Call us today at 800-696-0007 to learn more or to request a quote!