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Associated Insurance Management

All About Us

Associated Insurance Management located at 974 Bloom Road, Danville, is a regional office of Keystone Insurers Group.

In 1983, Associated Insurance Management joined forces with three other highly-respected insurance and financial services firms to form Keystone Insurers Group.

Associated Insurance Management’s goal was to expand its capabilities in providing cutting-edge insurance and financial services products to an ever growing family of customers. Over the years its clients have realized tremendous benefit from this strategic move, as the company’s size and strength in the marketplace enables it to provide coverage options, service and pricing that are not often available elsewhere.

Associated Insurance Management has been a member of the Danville business community for many generations. It was founded in 1954 by Grier Y. Boedker, who merged his property casualty insurance business with the life insurance firm of his father-in-law, D.E. Edmondson who established his firm in 1917. Associated Insurance Management has retained the flavor of local family ownership with owners Grier E. Boedker, Sr., president and CEO, and David E. Boedker, Sr., who has been involved with Keystone Insurers Group since 1987 and is its president and CEO.

Associated Insurance Management has benefited through its relationship with Keystone Insurers Group, which has expanded to become one of the largest privately held insurance firms in the country.

Today, Keystone Insurers Group has 103 locations spanning the commonwealth. Keystone Insurers Group serves several hundred thousand individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations as clients. Total written property casualty premiums exceed 2 – 3 billion.

Repeatedly recognized as their largest agency in the nation, the Harleysville, Berkley Mid-Atlantic and Penn National Insurance companies note that Keystone Insurers Group enjoys a position of prominence with numerous regional, national and global insurers.

In addition to delivering a broad portfolio of property casualty and risk management services, Keystone Insurers Group is a recognized leader in the financial services industry. With assets under management in excess of $300 million, Keystone Insurers Group has developed sophisticated resources to assist clients with financial planning and asset protection.

In the continuing search for ways to better serve its clients, Associated Insurance Management is on the cutting edge in the computer technology area. Associated Insurance Management’s investment in communications and resulting ability for instantaneous access to its insurance carriers enable it to respond to clients’ needs at an ever faster pace. All personnel at Associated Insurance Management are involved with continuing insurance education.

Associated Insurance Management is committed to providing you with protection, value and piece of mind. It tries hard to earn your business and to keep it!